About Me

In the fall of 2002, while doing a study abroad, I decided that the best career for me was “diplomat.” I wasn’t at all sure at the time how one became a diplomat, but I decided I would try for it. In the Spring of ’04, just before graduation, I took the FSOT, certain that I was just a few standardized tests away from glory.

Seven years (and four more attempts) later, I’m finally in.

I did many things in the intervening years. I applied to PhD programs.   I also worked as a graduate assistant.  I worked in a bank, did data entry, led a trip to China, and taught. Just about every one of these jobs ending up being necessary for my last FSO attempt.

I was an “Enthusiastic Member of the 163rd A-100 class,” which started in September 2011, and I was beyond excited.  Still am, actually.

It must be stated that this is a PERSONAL blog, full of just personal observations about anything and everything. NOTHING here should be taken as representing US policy or State Department opinion on anything. Moreover, if you are looking for an inside track into US policy or political matters, you will want to look elsewhere. This blog is mostly to keep up with friends/family/etc.


One response to “About Me

  1. Cool blog! For a new nonfiction anthology, The Places We’ve Been: Field Reports from Travelers Under 35, we are currently looking for submissions and would love to invite you to take a look and consider if you might like to participate. A bit of info from the general call for submissions is available at http://www.facebook.com/ThePlaces35. The deadline is posted as October 15, but we have a special invitation/extension through November 15 for invited bloggers.

    Thanks for your consideration, and feel free to be in touch for more information!

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