So, just after my trip to Dandong, I went to Harbin to experience the Snow and Ice Festivals! Now, I’m a cold weather person, but Harbin was in another league entirely. I was freezing the whole time. (It was probably around zero when I was there.)  But, it was beautiful!

I started going to a little snow festival, with some traditional dress and games and such.20160109_10544020160109_105443

The snow slide was a lot of fun!


Then I went on to the proper festival. The snow sculptures were simply amazing. I could try to describe them all, but instead:

When I left, I decided to get some lunch. I asked the driver where to get something special to Harbin, and he took me to a place to get “huangyu” (Chinese for “yellow croaker.”) It was stupidly expensive ($100 for lunch!), but also amazing.

They cooked it right in front of me, with a bevy of vegetables and spices. I wish I could tell you how good it smelled, how good it was, or how it was definitely worth the cost. So wonderful.

From there, I took a train back to Shenyang. (I didn’t get to see the ice sculptures, because I didn’t have enough time.) On getting back, I got some street food from right outside the train station.

And, that was Dongbei. I absolutely loved my time in the frozen north, and I hope to serve there again one day!


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  2. I took my mom to Harbin to see the sculptures – it was a cold I had never in my life felt before, but so very magical! Glad you got to see at least part of it and warm up with a good meal!