As Close as I’m Willing to Get Political

I try very hard not to be political publicly, because I work for the State Department and (more importantly) I’m often the face of the US to foreign audiences.  I want to seem as neutral as possible when dealing with foreigners and foreign governments.

But, of course, it’s an election season, and we’ve got candidates out there who maybe don’t show America at its best.  So, keeping my mouth shut is getting harder.  However, rather than focus on them and the dishonest or crazy things they say, or the violence they incite, I want to focus instead on American problems that somehow still aren’t getting enough attention from politicians. And rather than write it myself, because believe me I won’t stop if I start writing, I think I’ll let John Oliver do (most of) it for me.

Our Criminal Justice System

So, our criminal justice system is pretty badly broken, due to a continuing fear of crime totally out of place with the actual crime statistics (CRIME. IS. GOING. DOWN. AND. HAS. FOR. TWO. DECADES!!) and a complete lack of concern for how it routinely screws over poor people and people of color.


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