It’s a new dawn…

I have a CPAP machine, and oh my lord, today is amazing.

It took forever to get. My doctor in Beijing suggested it to me, and said I needed a sleep study, which required me to go Hong Kong. (I’m in Guangzhou.) It took a bit to set up, but I went and did it, and the results definitely suggested one. So, my doctor then said I needed a titration study, so we set another appointment up in Guangzhou with the sleep doctor, who apparently misunderstood what I was there for and disagreed and said I did NOT need a titration study if I got an “auto-CPAP.” Then I had to wait for my doctor to look over what the sleep doctor said, and then I had to meet with him, and get a prescription for the auto-CPAP. And, then I had to wait for it to arrive.

But arrive it did! And I used it last night, and oh lord, I feel so much better today. I don’t know how long it’s been since I felt this awake and alert. It’s amazing how much sleep helps!


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