Update on Medical issues

So, short update (and to make sure I keep blogging):

1) The meds have been useful, but far from the cure I’d hoped.  I’m still having lots of stomach troubles, and I need to talk to the State doctors soon about that.

2) My meds will be changing anyway, as some of the  meds I was put on are available in the UK, not in the US.  So, I’m waiting for the new ones to come in.

3) All of our stuff has finally come in, and dear god, it is apparent how much smaller this place is than our Togo place.  We’re going to be getting rid of a lot of stuff–if only we’d done it before arriving!

4) I’m itching to throw a cocktail party soon, but we can’t do that until we get some space in our living room.  I’m hoping for weekend after next.


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