Barbecue and settling in

(Short post written second day)

My colleague/social sponsor came to see us, and helped answer some questions and show us some o f the neighborhood. We now know where the grocery store is, and what to do to set up the internet. (We still have to wait so we can pay for it and stuff, but we know what to do.) He also took us to a barbecue at his place, which was awesome. Togolese beer is quite tasty, and the Togolese people are very nice. The Teacher, in particular, made a friend who wants to learn English!

We stayed out for awhile, and then walked home, to get a feeling for the area. Honestly, the weather is beautiful right now, and everything just feels right. There are some things to get used to (the amount of street life, having guards, etc.), but I’m very happy to be here. We’re going to dinner with some friends shortly, though I’m still pretty full from the barbeque. Just a chance to be social, especially since we still don’t have most of our things.

(If you have questions for me, since I’m having trouble with coming up with ways to describe this place, please ask them below!)


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