French Test, Take II

Last week, I took my French test again. I had worked for almost a month with a tutor, as well as a very strict Parisian French teacher who made sure I said everything perfectly and immediately jumped on it when I didn’t. It was kind of maddening, and definitely tiring. Working so hard, it started to feel like I was regressing rather than progressing. I couldn’t say ANYTHING without being corrected.

But, it worked. I passed, with a 3/3, and am cleared to go to Togo.

It was such a relief to be done. I was dancing in the hallways. I took the next day off, and finally started playing Skyrim (which I’d been waiting on until I finished French.) The game is fantastic…

And then Friday night we lost power for 3 days. 3 long, horrifying days of high temperature. We lost all of our food in the fridge and freezer, but more importantly, we basically just lost three days. There was nothing else to do but just lay in bed and wait until the power came back. I’d hoped to keep playing Skyrim, and really enjoy my time before starting Pol/Econ. Didn’t happen.

Fortunately, so far, Pol/Econ is fun. We’ll see if I continue to love it.

And, for some music:

And another French song, just commemorating the end:


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