Memorial Day Bittersweetness

I love my hometown and my family, so perhaps my choice of career seems strange. Be that as it may, this past weekend was the last long weekend before our trip to Togo, so we took advantage of it to go back to My Old Kentucky Home.

Despite all of the driving, it was absolutely glorious, in a most bittersweet way. It was a completely gorgeous weekend, and driving through West Virginia/Eastern Kentucky is good for the soul. It was wonderful seeing my mom, whom I hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving Weekend. I also saw many cousins and my grandmother.

Of course, my grandmother (the one who told me this story) did tell me that it would probably be the last time we’d see each other on this side of the grave. (She’s been saying things like that since ’98.) Even if she’s wrong (which I’m pretty sure she is), it doesn’t change the fact that it will be a long time before I see my family or my city again, and two days was not nearly enough to fit everything in. But the Teacher and I tried.

After the family cook-out, we took mom out to brunch at one of the chic-est restaurants in Louisville.

How can it not be chic? It has a bronze satyr!

We also had ice cream at Zesto’s, a tradition in Kentuckiana. For dinner, we met up with old friends for Ethiopian.

On the one hand, I’m so glad to have seen them all. The friends, the family, the city; they are deep in my heart and seeing them made my heart glad. On the other hand, knowing that it will likely be two years until I see them again casts a small cloud over all of it.

However, I know I’ll be back again, and I’ll enjoy Togo as well. I love my home, but I love the world as well and need to see as much of it as possible. It is, as they say, time to ramble on.


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