French testing

One other quick post. I did not pass my initial French test. As far as I can tell, I tried too hard to speak on too high a theoretical level, and failed to express myself well several times. I was (according to the judges) on the line between pass and fail, but did ultimately fail. I’m going to lose some trainings, and we’ll be leaving one week later than originally planned.

I was, originally, bummed. Actually, I was somewhere between pissed and depressed. I went home and played video games all day, and got my mind off of everything for the day. However, the day after, I was able to be more philosophic about the whole thing, and have even found an honest to god silver lining in the whole thing. Staying in the US one week later means that the Teacher and I will will actually spend our First Anniversary here in the US, rather than jet-lagged in Togo. That’s possibly even worth it.

(However, you better believe I’ll be more careful next time and not let the conversation get completely away from me!)


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