If you read this at all, you can probably tell I love music. Yes, I try to add a music video to every single post, because if I can’t push my own musical idiosyncrasies here, where can I do it?

So, when I mention that I love metal, I get strange looks. Many people seem very surprised by this fact, as if it’s impossible for someone who holds a regular job and is interested in the world at large to also like loud music about death, madness, and other macabre things. The truth is, though, I have a LONG fascination with the macabre and the occult, both of which feature heavily in metal.

I also love the addition of strange elements, like a polka beat.

What many don’t know is that my mother actually got me into heavy metal. While I was in high school, my mother brought home a copy of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, and I was hooked. (Prior to that, it has been mostly female singer-songwriters, New Age, and classic rock for me. Seriously, the tapes I remember buying for myself included Pure Moods and the Bill & Ted’s soundtracks.)

However,  Paranoid opened a  new world for me. There was finally music that really reflected what was going on in my own head; the teenage angst and wannabe mysticism that were filling my journals was finally expressed by someone else as well.

I remember making a faux stain-glass painting in art class based on this. The Christian rappers in my class were not amused.

As I’ve aged, my tastes have broadened significantly. I like all genres now and love discovering new sounds. I even love trashy pop (something I wouldn’t touch in high school), and recently forced the Teacher to really listen to “Like A G6.” (If you are not familiar with this song, you must watch the following.)

Yes, it’s stupid, but that beat is REALLY catchy.

I’m glad I’ve never been particularly interested in being a professional musician. I have enough friends who have tried that or work in that industry; it looks horrifying. However, I freely admit to basically carrying a jukebox on random at all times in my head.

It helps. No matter what I’m feeling, I have a song appropriate to that ready and at hand, to help 1) augment it or 2) combat it. Even when I’m just doing absolutely nothing, or something utterly mindless, there is the perfect music:

Seriously, you’re bopping along, aren’t you? Yes, you are.

Some day, I might add a whole post on how I came to embrace country music. It surrounded me as a kid, and then I rejected it pretty hard (with a handful of exceptions) until I met up with the Teacher.

What music was influential for you? Or do you just have something to share with me, than I need to try?

2 responses to “Music

  1. My strange music thing is Indian music — like, classic Bollywood. I don’t *know* anything about it; I just call up playlists on Spotify or listen to the Sunday night shows on a local station. And I certainly don’t know Hindi or anything. And the more modern, more Westernized Indian hip hop isn’t really my deal. But the classic Bollywood … c’est magnifique.

    • I understand. I don’t speak a word of any Scandinavian languages, but I still adore the metal. I also like some Taiwanese pop (of which I can understand one or two words per song). Sometimes, a particular kind of groove just resonates, and you just love it.