Geekiness in the FS

I’m a geek. A seriously huge geek. I love video games, comic books, f/sf, rpgs, etc. I could wax on about the pedigree of “epic fantasy” from its mythic roots, through Lord of the Rings, to Game of Thrones. My favorite metal bands tend to include high fantasy concepts (to the point of utter ridiculousness, like Dragonforce.) I also tend to get VERY into things, kind of obsessively studying anything that captures my attention. (And, yes, this is also how I learned to cook at all, or why I can go on and on about mostly inconsequential parts of history.)

I come by it honestly, because my mom packed the house with science fiction and fantasy  novels, and even owned some comic books. Many in my family, including my older half-brother and my cousin, fueled it with non-video games like D&D and Magic: The Gathering. (And, to be a gaming hipster for a second, I played both before they were owned by the same company, and before either was owned by Hasbro.)

My life has been greatly shaped by gaming, f/sf, and geekery in general. Geekery provided most of my social outlets in college and graduate school, and I have been part of many, many geeky communities over time.

And now, rather suddenly, I’m not really in one. Not that there are no geeks in DC (I’ve even met them, previously), but that I don’t know any and don’t really have the time and energy to go looking for them. Moreover, I’m not going to be here long enough to really get into any rpg campaigns, and I don’t know anyone here to talk about sf/f books or video games with. None of my colleagues (that I’ve found at FSI or at Oakwood) seem that interested in the geekier side of life.

So, now, for the point:

1) In my need to discuss my geek hobbies with SOMEONE, there is a good chance that there will be some reviews or discussion of geekery on this blog in the future. Since this is my spot, I’m going to go with it.

2) I’d like to find other geeky people in the FS or in a larger ex-pat community, and know how they deal with it. (Particularly if there are gamers in Lome…)

And thinking of my history and love of geeky metal:


2 responses to “Geekiness in the FS

  1. adventuresin

    We’re out there… no worries. Though, I’d recommend cultivating a Eurogame collection, as you can line up with the Mormon contingent (who grow up playing games as a family values thing) and the once in a while players, unlike epic RPGs which are pretty die hard. There are some posts that are notoriously board game heavy, mine’s relatively gamer-y, mostly because we’re all bored. The rest of geekery is all a bit under the table, I’d bet, as it’s kind of declasse’ for diplomats to be really into sci/fi and fantasy, maybe? I know you, my hubby and I are not the only ones though… they’re out there somewheres.

    • Thank you! I’ve not done too many “Eurogames”, but I think we might pick up some more board games before post.

      And, yeah, I’m pretty “declasse” in general.

      The Teacher also suggested looking into the Marine’s at post too…I’ve known a LOT of military gamers.