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As we’re heading to Africa, we know that my beloved 2006 Saturn Ion is just not going to cut it. An American made sedan is doubly screwed in West Africa, where the streets will tear it up and the repairs will be extremely difficult. So, we made a decision to buy a (very, very) used Japanese SUV. After looking around online, we fell in love with a nearby Honda CRV.

And, when we went to try it out…it had already sold. So, we took a test drive in another CRV.

And by the time we got back, it had sold out too.

Due to the trouble we’d gone through, the dealership offered us a special deal on an old Lexus RX300. This left us torn, because we hadn’t studied the Lexus at all (though, obviously, Lexuses are considered amazing), and it needed repairs (which are being done for free).

Not the exact vehicle, but the same kind. From Wikipedia

I’ve never owned an SUV of any kind. In fact, I’ve never driven an SUV. It drove and handled well, in the small test drive, but the idea makes me nervous.

In the end, among the deal, the car’s reputation, and how well it handled, we went for it. We’re received great financing from our bank (and, yes, we can take it out of the country!)

I abhor car shopping, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out. When we were done, we ended up grabbing Wendy’s for dinner just because we were so tired and ready to go home.

In other news, I’ve both read and seen The Hunger Games now. For those in the US (or other places with the movie), I recommend it. For those who are not familiar with it, the basic plot is that in the (fairly far) future, the former US has been split into 14(ish?) Districts. The wealthiest district (by far) is “The Capitol”, which rules over the others ruthlessly. The other 13 districts at one point had revolted against the Capitol, and were horribly put down. (The 13th district, in fact, was completely wiped out.) Since then, every year, each other district must send 2 “Tributes” (one boy, one girl) to the Capitol every year, to be entered into the “Hunger Games,” in which they must kill each other until only one remains. It’s not all THAT original, but it’s done very well, especially with its focus on a female heroine and the emotional component of such a horrible event. Seriously, wonderful.

Also, for those who’ve read the book:

Both cute and disturbingly accurate…

And, just because I adore posting music videos:


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