Roadtrips Before Togo

This last month has been, mostly, very quiet and calm. I have been continuing with French, the Teacher has been continuing her baking adventures, and the Kitty is still lazy. (However, he has lost a pound or two, which will thankfully make it MUCH easier to get him to Togo!)

However, starting next month, we’ve got about one trip planned per month. The reality of two years away from family is starting to really hit hard. Next month, we plan to head to near my hometown for a wedding. The bride is my (rather distant) cousin. The weird part, though, is that it seems that the only people I’ll know there are the bride and two of her grandparents. Also, weddings in my family just tend to be a bit different. I’m not at all sure what to wear.

Picture taken from Wikipedia, which took it from Flickr.

Memorial Day weekend, on the other hand, I’m going to see much more of my family. The idea of spending two years completely away from them sounded great when I was fresh out of college. Now…it’s a bit harder. I admittedly already miss my mom and my brother, and am going to try hard to stay in touch with them. I’m also hoping to help mom come visit me, but Togo is expensive to get to. We’re doing a trip to a family reunion for the Teacher as well, in July, a few weeks before we leave. (This is not to mention the close friends who are, in my mind, family as well.)

In other news, I’m up to a 2+/2+ in French, meaning I’m close but not. quite. THERE. I feel like I might be hitting a wall again, which is annoying. I’m feeling more frustrated then usual, though that might be because I want to say harder things than in the past. Every evaluation has gone better than the previous, but I’m still worried about the ones coming up. On verra.

Unrelated: A demonstration of why I’m glad I’m not a freelancer anymore:

Seriously, if you’re reading this, don’t ever be that person.

Further unrelated: I’m considering using this space to post “literary work,” mostly stories of a semi-fictional nature. Many of you have heard the crazy stories of my family, and it strikes me as a good place to get my writing juices going again. (There also might be some easy French stories as well, or some things written as translation exercises.) Obviously, I make no promises (I can’t even update this thing more than once a month!), but it’s something I’m thinking about.

And, lastly, just because:


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