Long Weekend=Vacation w/Friends

Don’t get me wrong; I love my classmates, my colleagues, and my studies. I consider myself so extremely blessed to be where I am. French, in particular, is way more fun than I had ever expected. J’aime le francais.

But, it was definitely time for me to get out of our little Washington bubble. For the 3 day weekend, the Teacher and I went up to NYC to visit the Consulting Artist  and the Musician Artist. I’ve known CA for 12 years now, and they came down to our wedding in KY (all the way from NYC!) I treasure every chance I get to spend with them.

Most of the time was spent purely hanging out, which I’m not sure anyone else would really care about. However, there are things that should be shared.

1) Megabus is all right, but takes a long time and seems to be prone to delays. It was also rather cramped. On the other hand, for the two of us, round-trip was roughly $70.  That makes a trip like this MUCH easier to pull off.

2) There are many things I adore about NYC. While it is dirty, smelly, and loud, there is so much variety in all ways. I heard le francais while I was on the subway. Even in “residential” neighborhoods, there are many (walkable!) commercial places. It’s a very organic city.

3) Of course, the food. Saturday, we went to a sushi place, and I tried uni for the first time.

From Wikipedia

For those who don’t know, that’s sea urchin. I’ve seen in used on shows like Chopped, Iron Chef, and Iron Chef America. I’ve wanted to try it for a long time, and it did not disappoint. My uni was served in a cup of cucumber and lemon, and the lemon gave it just a touch of acid that brightened it up amazingly. It was one of the better fishy things I’ve had in a long time. (I also had some sweet potato rolls, because I adore sweet potatoes.)

Yesterday, lunch was at a very nice diner, which served up an open-face Rueben.  I’ve never seen that idea before, but I liked it. (It needed more sauce though.) Dinner was an Ethiopian restaurant, and Ethiopian remains one of my favorite cuisines. Also, we split a bottle of tej. If you’ve never had tej, I must recommend it. Honey-wine is always good. Along with that, we had doro wat, tibs, and some good veggies.

After dinner, I finally got to try “Big Gay Ice Cream“, which had been promised to me 5 years ago when I first visited the CA in NYC. (Back then, BGIC was just an ice cream truck.) The Teacher got a “Bea Arthur”, but my desire for spice hadn’t been met yet, so I got an (extra spicy) “Mexican AffoGAYto”. BGIC is one of the best ice cream places I’ve ever been, rivaling “Jeni’s Ice Cream” in Columbus (and that random woman on the street of Moscow when it was 20 below).

4) I might have to buy “Skyrim“. Yes, I’m a giant geek, but the Musician Artist was playing, and let me try, and oh my god the game is gorgeous. And fun.

5) I have fantastic friends, and I will always feel be incredibly grateful for all of them. As someone who has moved as often as I have, both in terms of careers and habitation, the Consulting Artist is a real anchor for me in many ways.


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