Beer, Friends, Music, Next Post

So, I attempted to make my own beer, using the Mr. Beer kit. The materials that come with the kit make a traditional American ale (light, crisp, etc.). I was worried, because I’d made some mistakes (including accidentally watering the wort down too much), but it seems to have come out ok. It’s not my favorite kind of beer (I like my beers VERY dark), but it’s still good.

I’m not sure this is a hobby I can keep doing elsewhere, but I will definitely look into it. Particularly if beer is well-loved in a particular post, it could be a good way to make a special party for representational events. (Of course, I don’t actually drink all that much beer anyway, so it would HAVE to be for parties in the future.)

Speaking of parties, we had friends over to watch Happiness of the Katakuris, one of the Teacher’s favorite movies. For those who have never seen it…I think we may have scarred some of our friends. However, some were laughing uproariously the entire time. We all ordered Chinese, and a good time was had. I’m very lucky to have great colleagues for friends.

This upcoming weekend, we’re going away to see old friends. This is our first trip out of the DC area since getting here in September. (A long weekend is good for that!)

As for music, my homework for the weekend was to find music in French to share with my class. Moreover, at least one song had to be from Togo (my destination.)  For my Togolese song, I found the following rap:

And then, the Teacher showed me actual rock in French! (OK, more like emo, but still!) No embedding, but here is the link.

Obviously, to those who know me, I prefer the French rock, but I was happy to have both to send on. (And don’t ask me what either mean. I’m doing better, but I’m as confused at anyone else.)

Lastly, we already know our next post after Togo! We knew it would be Chinese speaking post, and we bid on all the ones that were available to us. And, we got our second choice….

Guangzhou!! (courtesy of Wikipedia)

This means one tropical post followed by another, but they’ll be night and day. Lome is smallish city of 800K, while Guangzhou is 12M. Guangzhou is a bustling metropolis, while Lome is quite a bit slower. Also, I’ll be working as a consular officer in Guangzhou, instead of the political work I’ll be doing in Lome.

We’re very excited about this. I’m excited because I’ll get to use my Chinese again, in a part of the country I’ve never been to. The Teacher is excited because it means we won’t be spending too much time in cold places. (At least one of my friends is excited because he really wants to see Canton as well.)

This is just one more step on the adventures of this new career!


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