A downside I’d never considered

One thing about this job is that it involves moving all the time. I’d tried to prepare myself for the separation from my family and the separation from my friends.

(This wasn’t much of a problem when I started applying to the Foreign Service, as all of my friends were far away, and I never saw them. I’d also, been away from family at the time. Since then, I’ve become closer to everyone and to new people, but I had expected this problem from the whole time.)

But, a new problem has arisen.

Yesterday, we had brunch with two friends I’ve made in the Foreign Service. They ship out on Wednesday to post. A few weeks ago, we had friends over for dinner before they left for post. Many others have left, with more or less ability to say good-bye.

Where My Friends Are Going

Where My Friends Are Going--Image from Wikipedia

This is increasingly hard. While Facebook is fantastic, and email lists are useful, saying good-bye to people every week is rather depressing. Moreover, it won’t end once I go off to post myself; the coworkers at post will be leaving just as often.

I’m not regretting this in any way. However, it’s one thing I hadn’t thought about, and one thing that others considering this line of work should. The lack of permanence extends to every single part of your life here, and it is a little bewildering.


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