Auld Lang Syne

Another year has ended, and it is quite likely the most momentous one of my life. In last twelve months, I started a business, ended it, got engaged, got married, began the job of my dreams, began to learn French, and found out that we are going to Togo next year.

With everything that happened, it’s important to me to take a moment to go through the year, and be thankful, for the people and the events. I was going to do this month by month, but that would be very boring. Instead, just some quick thanks to people:

To the Former Roommates: For giving me a place to stay while I pursued my dreams, and for teaching me how to dance yet another way.

To the New York Artists: For coming down all the way to KY for our wedding; for being supportive of my dream; and for being the best friends a guy could have.

To my family, particularly Mom: For believing in me and encouraging me, even when it seemed a distant hope.

To the Foreign Service: For finally taking me! And for sending me to Togo. I’m terribly excited.

To the Patterson School: Thank you for finally giving me more of the experience and skills I needed to actually get in.

To Everyone Who Prayed (to one deity or another): I’m willing to accept that there was some divine help in getting in this time. As it was, there were people praying to saints, Jesus, Roman gods, Norse gods, and generic creator spirits. Thank you all.

To all my other friends: Thank you for the support you have shown, day in and out.

And lastly, to the Teacher: Thank you for joining me in this crazy ride. Thank you for marrying me. And…we’re going to Togo!



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