Tomorrow is my last live Kaplan thing.

Another milestone will be done tomorrow. I’ve been working for Kaplan Test Prep for the last 3 1/2 years, but my last in-person event is tomorrow. (I am scheduled for an online class next week, but that’s a whole different problem.)

I’ll be spending the day tabling, trying to bring convince people to come to a practice test. Honestly, I’m very excited to be done with this job. I’ve been ambivalent about working for Kaplan for awhile now, as it really does put the lie to the whole “meritocracy” idea. (Moreover, recent decisions have upset me pretty badly.) However, it’s been a decent paycheck for awhile, and they’ve done well by me. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to a few coworkers.

Also, a week from tomorrow is the day our stuff will be shipped to DC. I’m starting to hit the “oh my god it’s really happening AAHH!!” We are currently deciding what is going into storage in DC, and what is going to be delivered quickly (as in within 10 days.) Most of our DVDs, for instance, will be in the “quick shipment.” Most of our books (esp. my old RPG books–yes, I’m a total dork) will go into storage. We’ll get them a few months after we go to whatever post we go to.

In other news, in just two days my new clothes will be ready for me to pick up. I realized that my old Goodwill wardrobe really wasn’t acceptable for a new professional job. I’m excited, because the suits fit wonderfully and feel great. (I’m also slightly terrified because of the amount I’ve spent on these clothes…) I’ve never had a “wear a suit EVERY DAY” job, so I’m nervous, but also excited.

This weekend will be spent trying to see family and friends. Going to my home city and a concert, as well as a grad school going away party. This will be, by FAR, the hardest part of this whole thing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And, for some traveling techno before bed:


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