Less than two weeks

I’ve been debating whether or not to continue blogging. Yesterday, while driving around trying to run a bazillion errands, I decided it would probably be good to get some of my thoughts/feelings down on paper. I may continue to blog about writing and the internet, but to an extent that will have to wait until I find out what Uncle Sam says about that. (I already know that political subjects are completely off-limits.) However, it is fine to continue personal blogging. With that in mind, this blog will likely turn into a way for me to keep in touch with people, wherever Sam sends me.

As it has been a month since my last post, some updating is in order. I got married this past month! The (soon-to-be) Freelancing Teacher and I have been dating for almost three years, and I asked her to marry me back in January. We had originally planned on a long engagement in order to raise the necessary money. However, in order for her to join me abroad, we realized we needed a legal status. We stood in a creek, barefoot, while a good friend of mine (and ULC minister) performed the ceremony. Most importantly, to me, my favorite photographer and very dear friend took a bus down to stand by my side. She and her fiancee also stuck around and had a little vacation here with us. It was perfect and fun, but quite fast.

Also in the “kind of strange” department: Teacher and I are currently living in an “extended-stay” hotel, as we wait for the movers to come and move us to DC. It’s strange, to me, that there is an entire profession dedicated to moving people from one place to another. I’ve moved VERY often, ever since I was a child, and we always took care of it ourselves. The idea that someone else will do the heaving lifting, and the boxing, and everything, is very strange to me. Happy, but strange.

In preparation for the upcoming move (Sep. 9th!!), we’ve been going through everything we own, cataloging what is going with us, and discarding what is not. We’ve also been picking up everything we’ll need for when we get to DC. Mostly, this is an entirely new wardrobe for me. Dead Goodwill polos and frayed slacks aren’t really the look I want to go into my new job with. Also, my 3 year old tennis shoes were completely worn out. As someone who’s always been exceedingly frugal, it was difficult throwing out this stuff and buying new clothes, but I know it’s time. (All old clothes, except the shoes, are being given to a local non-profit which helps high school dropouts find employment. The shoes were completely trash at this point.)

That’s mostly it. We’ve both been doing a lot of cooking (the Teacher especially loves cooking, but I’ve made a few loaves of bread myself). Our little hotel room is crammed with everything we own, so it’s a complete wreck all the time. Now, it’s just waiting. The waiting is the hardest part, I think. That, and the nerves. Being an FSO has long been a dream of mine, but I’ve failed so many times that it became my personal Grail-quest. To now have the Grail right in front of me, almost in my grasp is nerve-wracking. Hella nerve-wracking, actually. But…less than two weeks, and the waiting is over.


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  1. It’s a trick, but you will start thinking of your clothing (and its maintenance) as a business-related investment. I tend to do that, now, and it makes me shop carefully.

    If you discontinue blogging, consider an email distribution list, because I know I’d like to continue hearing from you and yours.