What a month…

It’s been a month since I updated this. Well, a month and a bit. An explanation may be in order.

One month and a few weeks ago, I took a Chinese test as part of my Plan A. I didn’t feel good about it, but I was hopeful that I would score well enough to get bumped up the State waiting list.

One month ago exactly, I found out I passed, and that I was moved high enough up to make it likely I would get in.

Soon after that, I got the official paperwork. That required filling out.

Then, planning with the fiancee to get her down here to Lexington from NYC.

On top of that, work, seeing friends, and preparations for moving 2 times.

It’s been pretty busy. In September, I’m going to move to DC for a little while before moving on to wherever Uncle Sam wants me to go. (I get some say, but they get final say.)

In short, life has been very VERY busy, and will continue to be. And that’s a good, good thing. Also, with sufficient work (and sufficient Plan B’s to get you by), you may be able to get your desire.



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